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Green Tea

Japan Sencha Uchiyama

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"Foods that fight cancer"

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Japan Sencha Uchiyama (organic) from 19,90 €

Japan Sencha Uchiyama (organic)

Traditional japanese green from the district of Tenyru.

Japan Sencha Uchiyama (non organic) from 14,90 €

Japan Sencha Uchiyama (non organic)

Traditional japanese green tea from the district of Tenyru.

China Pilo Chun Emperor (organic) from 14,90 €

China Pilo Chun Emperor  (organic)

Traditional chinese green tea from the city of Suzhou growing in the shadow of fruit trees.

Japan Gyokuro Asahi from 29,90 €

Japan Gyokuro Asahi

Traditional japanese green tea  that is cultivated in the shadow of bamboo mats. 

Prince of Wales Tea (organic) from 6,90 €

Prince of Wales Tea (organic)

Black tea blend of finest Keemun, Java and Gunpowder teas with a gentle, earthy taste.

NEW: Kusmi Tea
NEW: Kusmi TeaWe love Kusmi Tea! Thats why we added a lot of Kusmi Teas to our shop. Check them out here and find your personal favorite.
Black Sencha
Black SenchaOn our last trip to China we found a specialty: Black Sencha. Sencha usualy is known as a green tea, but in this case it has been fully fermented to become a black tea. However the fresh and crispy taste we love about sencha is preserved.

Tea & More, only the best teas from all over the world!

We are trading tea for over 50 years now and tea is our passion! The finest black teas from Darjeeling, Ceylon and Assam, green teas from Japan and China. Furtheron Oolong, White Tea and many specialties.  Quality is on top of our list! We only buy and sell the best raw materials. All teas are controlled for biocides and we are certified to trade from organic farming.